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Basket+ LogoToday we want to introduce Basket+.

Basket+ is our first game with physics support and it’s quite impressive how realistic the results are.

Basket+ is an easy to play and very addictive game. It seems to be another boring basketball game, but it’s not.

In Basket+ you have a shop where you can buy another Balls and Courts like a football or bowlingball. The next thing is that each ball and court gives you, for example, higher roundcash or starttime, which results in a higher score 😉

Our favorite balls are football and bowlingball, what’s yours ? Find out !!

This game is also free and can be downloaded from here

Available Balls

Ball Extratime Roundcash Points Cost
Basketball 5 100 6 0
Volleyball 5 200 5 500
Tennisball 3 240 3 1000
Baseball 7 300 3 1200
Football 10 400 10 3000
Bowlingball 15 500 7 5000

Available Courts

Court Starttime Cost
Basketball 200 0
Tennis 225 1000
Baseball 250 1500
Football 275 2000
Bowling 300 2500



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